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Our programmes require a minimum age of 18 years for participation unless otherwise stated in the programme description. Note: Items marked * must be completed for this form to be processed.

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Garden Retreat Week Monday, 29th August, 2022 Saturday, 3rd September, 2022

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We distribute a list of participants names and countries (and email addresses if you consent below) to enable you to contact one another throughout and after the workshop. The list is confidential and for programme related connection, not for marketing or promotional purposes.

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Pricing is per person and includes the price of the workshop, accommodations and meals.

Double or twin rooms are only available for people who are booking together and have pre arranged to share a room. Due to covid restrictions it is not possible to share with someone who is unknown to you. Please tell us the name of the person you wish to share the room with in the field above.

Programme Start date Pricing
Garden Retreat Week Monday, 29th August, 2022

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Financial Support Fund

As a Scottish registered Charity, we are committed to supporting people with a low income, young people, people who are unwaged, or people from developing countries to be able to join our workshops.​ These funds come from generous donations made by our donors, which allow us to offer subsidised places.

Donating to the Findhorn Foundation

I would like to contribute:  £  to the Financial Support Fund to gift a subsidised place to those with less money to attend our workshops. For donations above £1500 please contact Bookings directly (note: use slider or type directly in donation field).

Please notify us if you want to cancel this declaration, change your name or home address, or no longer pay sufficient tax on your income and/or capital gains.

If you are a USA taxpayer you can make a tax-deductible donation via The Tides Foundation.

Applying for a Subsidised Place

 I would like to apply for a subsidised place. Learn more about Subsidised Places. Please note that the Foundation has limited funds to support those in need. If applying: we will email you a form to be completed. Only the booking fee will be drawn from your card. If the subsidised place cannot be granted the booking fee will be refunded. Your booking will not be processed and no additional money will be taken until the subsidised place has been finalised.

Final Payment Details

This section sums up and displays the full amount that will be debited from your account upon completion of the secure credit card form that follows this booking form. If you choose to only pay the booking fee now the remainder of the payment will be charged automatically 4 weeks before the programme start date.

Programme Start date Payment option(s)
Garden Retreat Week Monday, 29th August, 2022

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Introductory letter required if not previously participated in an Experience Week

Please write to us in the field below telling us about yourself, your spiritual background and why you want to visit and join this worksop. This introductory letter is your first step into the spirit of the week and helps the Workshop Week facilitators get to know you and to prepare the programme. If you are a couple making a booking together, please will each one of you write a separate section of text. Most people write between one and two pages (500-1000 words). Here are a few guidelines to help you when writing your letter:

  • It doesn't need to be a CV or a literary exercise! Mistakes in language do not matter, it is more important that you write a letter from the heart.
  • Include your age and, in your own words, an outline of your present life (this could cover your present circumstances, your life choices, those people who are important to you, what inspires you, your joys and challenges, and so on).
  • Describe your reasons for wanting to participate in this workshop.
  • If you have, or have had, any emotional or health difficulties, we would like to know if and how these are affecting your life now.
  • Finally, please write or type the letter yourself. We will treat it as confidential (and suggest you do the same, if this helps you, when you are writing and posting it).
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Participant agreement

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I have read the Terms & Conditions, Covid Guidelines, Visa/Passport Information and Privacy Policy and understand that they contain important information about my visit including location of the workshop (we have four sites), accommodation, meals, booking fee and travel insurance. I understand that the Findhorn Foundation is not a healing or therapy centre and that I am responsible for maintaining my own wellbeing.

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